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This tool is going to ROCK your balance skills!
Many customers all over the world have improved their abilities with this tool.

Rocker engages flexors and extensors, which is impossible when you work out on the regular trainers;
It has two grips of different burden;

It’s fully collapsible, which makes it possible to transfer;

All the details are produced on a CNC machine, also they are polished to make the grip more comfortable.


Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg









Birch plywood

1 review for Balance Rocker

  1. Jozef Garcia Maegli

    It’s an excellent high quality device that is extremely fun to use. I am still working on prolonging my handstand holds so I still haven’t done all the experimenting that you can do with it, but even with the limited moves I can practice so far, I’ve had great fun, and have noticed a significant improvement in my overall balance. Bonus tip: if you add some anti slip rubbers, you can also turn the rocker upside down and use it as a very stable parallette system for bar handstands either on two or even on one bar! (though not for other parallette uses). Fully recommend it!

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