About Calisthenics School

Hello! I am Artem Morozov

I do calisthenics more than 8 years. I’m a Multi Champion of Regional Championship and Multi Prizewinner of Russian Competitions.

Many people in the world know me as a symbol of pure performance and creator of some complicated powerful tricks such as Impossible Dip (Triceps Extension Dip).

In spite of the fact that I’m not genetically predisposed to this sport, I began to study anatomy and micro-mechanics which later gave me Bachelors and Master Degree. However, I decided to link my future with coaching.

My work experience is 5 years. During this time I worked with clients of different ages and abilities which gave me an amazing experience.

On the second year of my work as a trainer I was invited to the Rehabilitation Center where I trained athletes with serious injuries under the guidance of the Doctor. I expanded my knowledge of anatomy and physiology because I had to pass the exams to work with these people. Later I created my own training system based on these experience and knowledge from the Center.

Soon I began my travelling to different countries providing workshops and sharing my ideas. In a year I’ve been to:

● The Netherlands
● Spain
● Belgium
● Hungary

Meeting new people and broading my horizons I enriched my vision of calisthenics. Later there appeared an idea to create a web site where I can share my experience with you.


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