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This bundle includes:

  • Planche Course
  • Front Lever Course
  • Handstand Course
  • Basic Course
  • Advanced Course

Practicing with these courses you’ll become a calisthenics master even if you are a complete beginner!

What’s inside?

  • Broad explanation of which muscles are involved in each move nad how to involve them properly
  • Test exercises to evaluate your level of preparation
  • Strength, basics, flexibility, technique blocks
  • Pre-made training programs + instructions on how to make your own
  • Each exercise comes with video instructions

Who’s this for

Suitable for anybody from beginners to more advanced athletes as the exercises are divided into difficulty levels

You’ll build up a great basic preparation and will learn 8 calisthenics elements:

  1. Planche
  2. Handstand
  3. Front Lever
  4. Muscle up
  5. Human Flag
  6. V-sit
  7. Back Lever
  8. Handstand Push-ups

The author — Artem Morozov

  • International calisthenics coach
  • Training experience — 14 years
  • Coaching experience — 11 years
  • The most handstand push-ups Russian record holder
  • The creator of The Calisthenics School

All materials will be received in electronic format right away after the payment. You can download them to your phone or any other device and start practicing!