Hi! My name is Artem Morozov.

I’m from Russia and I do calisthenics more than 10 years.

Many people in the world know me as a symbol of pure performance and creator of some complicated powerful moves such as Impossible Dip (Triceps Extension Dip).

In spite of the fact that I’m not genetically predisposed to calisthenics, I began to study anatomy and micro-mechanics which later gave me Bachelors and Master Degree. However, I decided to link my future with coaching.

My work experience is already 7 years. During this time I worked with clients of different ages and abilities which gave me an amazing experience.

On the second year of my work as a trainer I was invited to the Rehabilitation Center where I trained athletes with serious injuries under the guidance of the Doctor. I expanded my knowledge of anatomy and physiology because I had to pass the exams to work with those people. Later I created my own training system based on these experience and knowledge from the Center.

Soon I began my travelling to different countries providing workshops and sharing my ideas. I’ve already been to: The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Poland and many other countries.

Meeting new people and broadening my horizons I enriched my vision of calisthenics. Later there appeared an idea to create a space where I can share my experience with you. That’s how The Calisthenics School has been born =)


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