Strong and flexible wrists

Wrists flexibility and strength are ones of the most important points in getting handstand, planche and a lot of other exercises. It's important to say that a lack of flexibility could be a reason of pain and soreness of wrists and sometimes could lead to injuries.

strong wrists

The base muscles we are going to talk about are flexors and extensors of the wrist and flexors and extensors of the fingers. These muscles form your forearm and are involved in all of the moves of your hands.

There are a lot of exercises but today we will take a look at only 2 of them:

strong wrists

First one is about strength. It's a plank on unstable surfaces (pic.1). As you can see I used special pillows. It also can be balls, spring canes, etc. Staying in plank rotate your wrists using pillows softness. The move is close to warming-up wrists rotation but here you apply extra pressure by using your body weight.


strong wrists
pic 1.1

Be really careful and stay focused on balance in every second of this move. If you feel confident in that exercise you can put your legs on a chair to increase burden. Also, you can try to do push-ups which also will increase burden. By the way, this exercise also helps with postural muscles and stability of the core. With its help you will be able to kill two birds with one stone.


strong wrists

Second exercise is usual wrist stretching. Sit down on your knees and put palms in front of you like showed on the picture (pic 2) . Try to press down the whole palm so it will be fully on the floor. If you want to increase the burden, move your palms further forward.



All in all, we discussed basic strength of the wrists and wrists' flexors flexibility.

strong wrists

Leave comments under the article if you have any problems with your wrists, soreness, mobility problems and i will describe it in the next article.

Also this Wednesday you will be able to see WRISTS BLOCK where you will be able to find all of the exercises I know +  detailed explanation!

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