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This set is for those who know their aims! 3 the most popular and hard elements: planche, Impossible Dip, and Front Lever are explained systematically and wrapped into high-quality videos and books!


1 x Im[possible] Dip — BOOK + VIDEO COURSE

This course is A UNIQUE SOURCE of information on such a move as Impossible Dip! As a creator of this move I understand the importance of these materials because nobody else can explain it better. It consists of 2 parts: The Book and The Video Course The book includes more than 100 illustrations on the 49 pages of truly unique content. It is based on my training and coaching experience as an inventor of this move. The blocks of the book are:
  • Mechanics and Anatomy block
  • Technique block
  • Core preparing exercises
  • Basic strength block
  • Test exercise
  • 4 lvls of preparing exercises
  • Practice block
This video course is an addition to the book, which is in general is an extremely helpful vivid explanations of all the exercises mentioned in the book. More than ONE HOUR of anatomical explanations of forms and techniques! Quality: 1080p (Full HD) Duration: 1 hour 6 min The Video Course is split in 6 parts including Anatomy of the exercises, Basics, 4 levels of Preparation exercises and Practice

1 x Front Lever — BOOK + VIDEO COURSE


The book + The videocourse

I have been asked to write a book about front lever thousands of times; however, I could not start writing it for a long time.

I know that I am not the best at this move now, but back to the times when i started calisthenics I was one of the first who broke the ceiling and invented truly new combinations in front lever.

Such provocative name has its reasons. Relying on my huge coaching experience I came to the conclusions that regular progressions not always (read as ‘almost never’) work well. I have included all the experience and knowledge I gathered in this book.

Discussing this topic with my students I have been collecting more and more feedback and different points of view to include all of the existing techniques and problems. You will also see my own story of learning front lever, problems I have faced and the solutions I have found out as well as the observations of my students’ training process and some very useful notes. All that exercises are buttressed up by anatomical knowledge(!) and explained with a help of more than 100 illustrations.


1 x Planche — Video Course

This video course is best to be used with <a href="">the book</a> for maximal outcome! It includes 7 blocks: 1. Anatomy and test exercise 2. Shoulders 3. Typical mistakes 4. Upper back 5. Advanced exercises 6. Pair exercises 7. Weighted exercises Total duration: 25:54 Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

1 x Planche — Book

There is a unique knowledge about planche hidden in this book. With that knowledge you will get perfect technique, you will understand your weak points and also will be given ways to fix it. Finally, you will be able to create your own training program which will give you 1000% ultimate efficient!

What is inside:

  1. Test exercises
  2. Mechanics of movement
  3. Anatomy of movement
  4. Shoulders block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  5. Upper back block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  6. Training spreadsheets
  7. Common issues and how to avoid them
18 illustrated pages


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