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Book + Video Course

Have you always wondered how to learn such a spectacular move like a planche? It’s not that impossible!

No more wandering around YouTube watching contradicting videos and getting confused. ALL the knowledge you need to master planche fast and without injuries is here!

It’s called “1000% Ultimate Planche” because it gives you 1000% boost in progress! Step by step it will lead you to the move of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate athlete.

It also will be EXTREMELY helpful to teachers who need a deeper understanding of the nature of planche, the ways to approach learning and teaching it, all the problems one can face, etc.

This is not JUST MY EXPERIENCE! It’s all the information I gathered through all my years of practicing calisthenics and teaching my students + A LOT of professional literature put in a simple but explicit way.

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What is inside:

  1. Test exercises
  2. Mechanics of movement
  3. Anatomy of movement
  4. Shoulders block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  5. Upper back block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  6. Training spreadsheets
  7. Common issues and how to avoid them

The video course

  1. Anatomy and test exercise
  2. Shoulders
  3. Typical mistakes
  4. Upper back
  5. Advanced exercises
  6. Pair exercises
  7. Weighted exercises

Total duration: 25:54
Quality: Full HD 1920×1080



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