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There are several reasons why these moves are best to learn simultaneously:

  • When building your training program it’s better to separate pulling and pushing load on days adding core training.
  • Planche mainly involves pushing muscles, front lever involves pulling muscles and the strong core is needed for both.

That’s why you can alternate them aiming for 3 goals:

  1. Comprehensively work on your muscles
  2. Learn front lever
  3. Learn Planche

Inside you will find

  • Biomechanics of planche and front lever to better understand, which muscles should work in each element
  • Testing your weak points for building the most usable training program
  • Basic exercises and reference points to build a strong foundation for your future progress
  • All preparing exercises are divided into difficulty levels so you will definitely find one suitable for yourself
  • Handy and clear navigation system
  • Exercises with free weights to improve planche
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to build your own training programs

These courses are for you if:

  • you want to master planche and front lever
  • you can do 10 wide pull-ups in a row
  • you can do 15 dips in a row
  • you are 14 to 45 years old

The author — Artem Morozov

  • International calisthenics coach
  • Training experience — 14 years
  • Coaching experience — 11 years
  • Creator of 2 calisthenics moves
  • Holder of Russian handstand push-ups record
  • Creator of The Calisthenics School
  • Yearly holds workshops around the world and always improves his skills

Where to find the purchased courses

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