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Book + Video Course

Have you always wondered how to learn such a spectacular move like a planche? It’s not that impossible!

No more wandering around YouTube watching contradicting videos and getting confused. ALL the knowledge you need to master planche fast and without injuries is here!

It’s called “1000% Ultimate Planche” because it gives you 1000% boost in progress! Step by step it will lead you to the move of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate athlete.

It also will be EXTREMELY helpful to teachers who need a deeper understanding of the nature of planche, the ways to approach learning and teaching it, all the problems one can face, etc.

This is not JUST MY EXPERIENCE! It’s all the information I gathered through all my years of practicing calisthenics and teaching my students + A LOT of professional literature put in a simple but explicit way.

What is inside:

  1. Test exercises
  2. Mechanics of movement
  3. Anatomy of movement
  4. Shoulders block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  5. Upper back block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  6. Training spreadsheets
  7. Common issues and how to avoid them

Video course

  1. Anatomy and test exercise
  2. Shoulders
  3. Typical mistakes
  4. Upper back
  5. Advanced exercises
  6. Pair exercises
  7. Weighted exercises

15 reviews for 1000% Ultimate Planche Course

  1. Victor Rodríguez (verified owner)

    Great course! It has helped me a lot in my training journey, even when I just train shoulders it has many useful exercises 💪

  2. Chen Chen (verified owner)

    For such a course, the price is generally a penny, especially with a discount. I took it for the Christmas. It would seem an ordinary element, but here is a whole course on it … everything is described in such detail, everything is explained by pictures, techniques for performing each exercise, etc. It is much better perceived than the YouTube videos about planche.. The course is very cool, I advise you to take it. I didn’t read it until the end, because I lost access to the book, I hope Artem will help solve this problem.

  3. Nik (verified owner)

    Top course. Very informative and understandable

  4. Jamie S (verified owner)

    I bought the book in September and read it immediately. The book is top for that kind of money, there are a lot of examples, pictures, exercises. I have not yet begun to study planche, because my main sport is freestyle wrestling and there is simply not enough time and energy, but I think I will start to study closer to summer. Videos are really helpful also, help to understand the technique.

  5. Nathan B Green (verified owner)

    I recommend this course to all who want to master planche, and it doesn’t matter how long have you been training it. I learned all the features of planche and reached the new level!!! Finally I identified my weak points and know how to fix them. With the course, you will select the necessary strategy for your training and master this wonderful element 🙂

  6. Eddie Lanscom (verified owner)

    I read the book in one go, after reading it the understanding of what planche training should be like changed. Thanks to the book, progress has improved a lot and training time has decreased.

  7. Alan (verified owner)

    Everything is perfect and very detailed. Glad there are videos, very helpful

  8. Sweet Dreams (verified owner)

    Hello everyone. The course is excellent!!! I read the reviews for this book and saw almost no criticism. Most likely it is because there are very few analogues and it is almost one of a kind. I also have nothing special to say, there is enough feedback here. . Well, in general, this course is worth its money and many thanks to its author for creating this manual.

  9. Charlie Greyson (verified owner)

    After reading the course from the Calisthenics School, I began to understand the correct technique of planche, before that I studied it myself and everything “dropped.” But it’s worth it guys. Artem is a professional in his field, it’s definitely worth buying!

  10. John Moore (verified owner)

    After a month I switched from tuck planche to straddle. I tell everybody it totally worth it!

  11. Karl Peterson (verified owner)

    I recently bought the course.. Very useful and informative, a lot of useful information and tips I haven’t met before. I have dreamed of learning planche since I first saw it. Already thanks to the book there is little progress.

  12. Ben W Thomas (verified owner)

    A very good course, a lot of useful information and various exercises.

  13. Lord of Shadows (verified owner)

    Awesome course

  14. Chris Regan (verified owner)

    The only and unique course about planche that has almost all the information to master such a cool and popular element. Before that, I was learning planche and I had problems with tuck planche. In the book, everything is described in detail from beginner to advanced level. Examples of mistakes, examples of training, many different exercises are given. Definitely, the course is worth buying for those who want to learn how to master planche. Artem is a professional in his field and you can definitely trust him;) Many thanks for such work …

  15. Joe James (verified owner)

    Top course, many different exercises, you can find your weak points and use exercises to eliminate them !!

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