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There is a unique knowledge about planche hidden in this book. With that knowledge you will get the perfect technique, you will understand your weak points and also will be given ways to fix it. Finally, you will be able to create your own training program which will give you 1000% ultimate efficient!

What is inside:

  1. Test exercises
  2. Mechanics of movement
  3. Anatomy of movement
  4. Shoulders block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  5. Upper back block
    1. body weight exercises
    2. extra weight exercises
    3. advanced exercises
  6. Training spreadsheets
  7. Common issues and how to avoid them

7 reviews for 1000% Ultimate Planche — Book v2.0

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  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Since I started Calisthenics I have wanted to learn the planche but I never really progressed until I came across Artem and the Calisthenics School.

    The book starts with an explenation of how the Planche works biomechanically, which is really nice to understand the move. After that it guides you to determine your level and weak points. Subsequently the book shows and thoroughly explains (also with pictures) many exercises for every level and weak point, not just bodyweight but also with weights if you want. That makes it even more versatile. Thereafter it instructs you how to build your own training schedule. And this it what really sets this book apart from most other Planche guides. Instead of giving you a strict training schedule it makes you understand the move, determine your level and weak points and then design your own workout plan fitted for you.
    I’ve tried many Planche guides already and never really progressed. But with Artem’s help I finally do!

    So to sum it up, this is the best Planche guide I know. It is very well explained, gives you a multitude of exercises to choose from and lets you build your own training plan so that you can individually address and fix your weak points and thus progress the fastest. As if this wasn’t enough, the book even goes a step further and also includes a guide to Planche Push Ups.

    If you want a planche guide, this one is probably the best you can get. So I’d definitly recommend buying it.

  2. Fadeb (verified owner)

    There are already enough videos about people who tell you what you should do to reach your goals. But this, this is the next level.

    In his book Artem really traches you to understand what you should do AND WHY. It all starts with knowinh your weak points and start from there. Not one single situation is 100% the same as an other and Artem’s way of explaining fits perfectly.

    For me – a beginner in practicing the planche – there is ALOT of information. But I think this approach fits every level. I was even able to see weak points of friend of mine who are already wttemptimg the straddle planche.

    For me, understanding what you are doing is way more important as just doing what someone tells you. Because you van apply it in every calisthenicsmove (or even beyond calisthenics 🙂 ).

    I was already impressed by Artem’s knowledge and this book just remembered me of how you should train smart instead of just alot.

    I highly recommend this book to calisthenics athletes / trainers from every level!

    – Rein (Holland)

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This book helped me understand the planche a lot more. Artem has a way of breaking down a skill into different progressions, not the usual progressions but some progressions you have never seen before.

    Artem goes in depth about how to master the planche. There is a lot of talented calisthenics athletes out there but not many of them can explain in great detail how you can get certain moves.

    Artem is a great teacher full of knowledge and I believe if you get this book and are willing to put the work in will be able to achieve it with his guideline.

  4. dani2212 (verified owner)

    If you want to learn the Planche this book is your way to go for it. Incredible amount of Knowledge. Artem dont just show you what you have to do he also teach you WHY and HOW you do it corectly to get the best progress possible.
    Artem is a great teacher and with this book he just showed this ones again.
    So if you guys want to get a book about the planche- THATS THE ONE

  5. lodewijkklinkhamer (verified owner)

    I just started with calisthenics and didn’t know anything about Planche, now I have read this book and I think I’m even ready to teach others now. This book explains exactly how your body is able to hold this move, which muscles you are using and all the progressions you need to achieve this move.
    I think that it is really important to fully understand how a move works before you are going to try it, knowing which muscles you have to use and how, will be helpful in reaching the move.
    I thought I knew already a some progression exercises for Planche but this book is full of surprises and creativity.
    No matter at which point you are in your Planche Journey but this content is always useful, even trainings with weights are included.
    You probably won’t get any better…
    – Lodewijk (dutch)

  6. jessevaneeden (verified owner)

    1000% planche form Artem Morozov is the most complete planche guide. The information about the biomechanics helps you to understand which muscles work and which forces work on the body in planche. So you will know what points are the most important and what has to be done for learning the planche. The most unique thing about this planche book in comparison with all the other planche tutorials out there, is the test exercises. With these exercises you can find out which point(s) you need to work on to improve your planche. There are a lot of exercises in this book and with the test exercisies you can choose the best ones for you. This information will help you to make your own customised training program. So you can have the best and most efficient training program for yourself. I would recommend this book to anyone who is training the planche serious, especially when you don’t have a trainer. This book will the be your trainer and gives you all the information you need for mastering the planche!

    Jesse van Eeden

  7. James Pak (verified owner)

    Artem’s planche content is great. The book addresses what I feel are the most important part of learning planche. The drills help you address weaknesses with specific movements that will help you build strength in these weaknesses. Artems book is definitely worth getting for anyone going after this magnificent skill. 🔥🔥🔥👌

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