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This course is A UNIQUE SOURCE of information on such a move as Impossible Dip! As a creator of this move I understand the importance of these materials because nobody else can explain it better.
It consists of 2 parts: The Book and The Video Course

The book includes more than 100 illustrations on the 49 pages of truly unique content. It is based on my training and coaching experience as an inventor of this move. The blocks of the book are:

  • Mechanics and Anatomy block
  • Technique block
  • Core preparing exercises
  • Basic strength block
  • Test exercise
  • 4 lvls of preparing exercises
  • Practice block

This video course is an addition to the book, which is in general is an extremely helpful vivid explanations of all the exercises mentioned in the book.

More than ONE HOUR of anatomical explanations of forms and techniques!

Quality: 1080p (Full HD)

Duration: 1 hour 6 min

The Video Course is split in 6 parts including Anatomy of the exercises, Basics, 4 levels of Preparation exercises and Practice

1 review for Impossible Dip Course

  1. Robin

    Like this course very much! It will definitely help you to achieve impossible with the very beginning. It’s for real calisthenics lovers.

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