I have been obsessed with an idea to write a book about handstand for
a long time; however, I have always been afraid of this idea. I knew that
this theme had been already described a thousand times and it was hard
to bring in any new information.

The final push to start writing gave me my coaching experience. I have
seen how many ways to train handstand there are and how many different
mistakes one can make. I have included all the experience and knowledge
I have in this book. Discussing this topic with my students I have been collecting
more and more feedback and different points of view to include all
of the existing techniques and problems.

You will also see my own story of learning handstand, problems I have
faced and the solutions I have found out as well as the observations of my
students’ training process and some very useful notes.

The book is divided into blocks of strength, flexibility and technique
and also includes the wall and free standing handstand exercises. Besides,
there are a lot of useful information on how to kick up into handstand correctly.
All that exercises are buttressed up by anatomical knowledge(!)
and explained with a help of more than 100 illustrations.



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