Calisthenics Basic Course


Hey, Guys! It’s Artem from The Calisthenics School and I’m glad to present to you this Calisthenic Basic Course!
I’ve searched the web for a comprehensive calisthenics training system for beginners and intermediate athletes but found nothing ? That’s why I decided to make our own course!

What’s inside?

  • More than 80 professional videos with infographics and technique explanation
  • A convenient navigation system to organize your training routine

Exercises are divided in 3 groups:

  • Pulling ones
  • Pushing ones
  • Core exercises

Each group includes 4 preparation levels. Based on these exercises you are given the following ways of building your training program:

  • To progress in strength;
  • To focus on specific muscles groups;
  • To work on preparing for a specific calisthenics move.

You get a training program for ANY goal you have! You can use this course no matter what preparation you have. It’s divided into difficulty levels that gives you such an opportunity!

If you’ve been always dreaming about diving into the calisthenics world or maybe you don’t quite understand how to organize your training program, then this course is for you!

I wish you reaching your goals and a lot of progress!

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