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Advanced Calisthenics Course is your choice if you have already achieved good basics and ready to dive into the calisthenics moves, and not just basic exercises.

This course is pure calisthenics! Instead of usual push-ups, you will do handstand push-ups and use human flag for working on your core muscles!

You will learn and improve:

    1. Muscle-up
    2. Human flag
    3. Back lever
    4. Handstand push-ups
    5. L-sit and V-sit
    6. Dragon flag (Will be available in the update)
    7. Planche on bent arms (Will be available in the update)

and more!

Follow the most suitable training system:

  1. Focus on learning calisthenics moves
  2. Improve your physical preparation, gradually approaching the final phases of all the moves

2 programs options:

    1. Fast, for advanced level athletes
    2. Slower, for those who are used to taking it slow

Each move is divided into 4-7 difficulty levels, which include a full training cycle.

You will get:

      • Number of sets and reps
      • Number of training sessions per week
      • Additional exercises in case of slow progress.

Course benefits:

      • Balanced workout for body and moves
      • Clear programming of the training process
      • Large amount of practice of calisthenics moves
      • Various levels of preparation, everyone will find the right one!

Each level has additional descriptions and explanations in the booklet.

All exercises are shot from two angles for the most vivid technique explanation.

6 reviews for Advanced Calisthenics Course

  1. Johan Cruz (verified owner)

    It´s a very good course if you want to go to the next level in this sport. All the skills are well explained and have excellent quality videos that help you understand how each exercise is done.

    • Artem Morozov (verified owner)

      thank you 🔥

  2. Aykhan

    I have purchased this course and I am very satisfied. Everything is described in details, and also in the video everything is shown in details. It can be seen that Artem puts his heart and soul into creating the structure of the course and updating it. It is definitely worth the money if you want to master the elements of calisthenics with minimal health risks and at the same time have fun.

    What I also like is that Artem explains very clearly, which muscles are used and how they are involved in certain exercises. I think few calisthenics athletes know the anatomy at his level, but this is very important in order to avoid injuries and use the necessary muscles.
    There is also a handstand course and I use it to master this element. It is very useful and quite informative. I also plan to purchase equipment here as I feel it’s of great quality.

    Thank you Artem for your work and time! With your help, I plan to reach great heights in calisthenics.

  3. Igor

    Got this course in January and very happy with the purchase. Each exercise is explained in details, which allows you to progress in the elements. Now it’s interesting to test the free update. Many thanks)

  4. chams


  5. Ivan

    The course is just ?. Quality materials and well-structured training programs


    Hello, I will write this review for people a little over 40. My age is 46. I got the basic course and a few months later the advanced course. Both courses are very informative, also everything is step by step in all elements and exercises. It is suitable not only for youngsters but also for the older generation. With the advanced course I managed to learn the human flag and right now began to learn planche. So, go for it, everything is accessible and understandable even for older guys like me.


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